Road Tunes Vol. 1 – Resurrection Band

So far in this adventure, I call my blog, I have done a lot of writing about faith, theology, and the like.  Aside from my California trip, I have not written a lot about my motorcycle passion or adventures while riding.  This is mainly because I am not getting in as much riding as I want to due to heavy work schedule and going to school.

However, I am hoping to change this.  Starting with this entry, and following up with several others, I will be looking at some music that I play while riding and why I love to ride with this music.  I will also be taking another long trip, this time through the mid-Atlantic to the Adirondacks of New York, returning to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina (hoping to hit the Dragon on my way home!!!).  So be on the lookout for that!

So, without further delay, here is the first installment of Road Tracks focusing on the pioneers of early Christian Heavy music.  All of these albums are on iTunes and Spotify.


In 1988, Heavy Metal music ruled the air (remember radio?).  The hard rock from the 70’s had blossomed into a slick, overly produced quagmire of empty songs and little musicianship.  Although there were several standouts, most heavy music, Christian and secular, was garbage.

In came Resurrection Band – or Rez at that time.  Rez had been putting out some mediocre heavy Christian music while signed to Sparrow Records at the beginning of the decade.  They put aside adventurous musical arrangements and creative lyrical content from their efforts in the 70’s for a slicker pop / new wave / hard rock sound.  Aside from a few classic songs (Military Man, White Noise, and some others) it didn’t work.  They left Sparrow, formed their label, incorporated the blues hard rock sound dear to the heart of lead singer/guitarist Glen Kaiser, and released Silence Screams.

Silence Screams

220px-REZ-SilenceScreams   This album is killer from top to bottom.  Starting with the title track to the last track, You Get What You Choose, the ten tracks that make up this album are full of hard blues-based guitar licks and spiritually challenging lyrics.  Other stand out tracks are Light/Light sung by Glen’s wife, Wendy, a cool cover of Presence of the Lord, and Every Waking Hour.  Pop this one in your music player, and you might find your bike going a little faster!

Innocent Blood

REZ-InnocentBlood.jpeg.jpeg  Following Silence Screams is Rez’s second effort on their label Grrr… Records, Innocent Blood.  The album continues where SS left off with hard hitting blues based heavy music.  Starting with Rooster Crow and then leading into the HEAVY Altar of Pain, the album hits you in the jaw musically and lyrically.  The agonizing Where Roses Grow about a man who died of AIDS but came to faith is such an example of how this album is passionate in the true spirit of Rez.  Right On Time is poppy but very catchy.  Finishing the album with the acoustic Great God In Heaven is a tasty way to end a very satisfying collection of road music.

Civil Rights


I remember getting one of the first copies of this CD at Cornerstone 1991.  Listening to the CD fresh off the presses and then seeing the band perform the tunes was an amazing experience I will never forget.  Starting with the strong anthemic Lovespeak, the album moves through many moods, mostly fueled by the blues guitar licks from Glen and the crushing lyrics of bassist Roy Montroy.  The CD has 12 tracks – quite a few for that time – and there is not a single clunker among the batch.

Give a listen to these three albums.  Pop them in your bike before a long ride, and you will find a fine soundtrack to go with your miles on the road.  If you find yourself enjoying these tunes, then check out the live album XX Years Live.



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