My name is Gregg Johnston, and I live in Indian Land, SC (just a little south of Charlotte, NC). I finish the masters in Divinity program at Regent University next year. I will be starting my second masters, this time in Human Services / Biblical Counseling, next Fall. I have been married to my wife Karry for 32 years. We homeschooled both of our kids and graduated both. What an adventure that was! I currently work for a large software company, 50 hours a week, along with going to school. In my copious amounts of spare time (NOT!), I love to ride my motorcycle, listen to music (loud and heavy – Stryper, Bloodgood, Whitecross, Rush, Kansas), and read. I am a Teaching pastor ordained in the Vineyard Movement as well as a Chaplain for the Christian Motorcyclists Association chapter in Rock Hill (Warriors of Fire).

My spiritual foundations are quite eclectic. I was not raised in a Christian household, and our family did not often go to church. I did have experience going to a school run by fundamentalist Calvinist church when I was in Middle School (public schools were awful where we were). This kind of soured me to Christianity as a whole. However, in high school, I heard the gospel for the first time and gave my life to Christ through a Youth for Christ group. Some kids rebel by smoking or doing drugs. I rebelled by becoming a Christian. During high school, because my family was not Christian, I experienced many different denominational traditions – Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Christian & Missionary Alliance. In college, I met my wife, and she was Catholic and Charismatic, and that had a profound effect on my spirituality. I joined the Roman Catholic Church for about 5 years. Still, I found that I could not continue in that faith due to some troubling doctrinal positions. From there, I flirted with Reformed theology for a few years but wound up back in a C&MA where I was a deacon and an elder and on the preaching team. Our family moved to South Carolina in 2011, and for 6 years, we were part of a large evangelical megachurch. However, 3 years ago, God led us to a Vineyard church where I currently am ordained and serve as a Teaching Pastor.

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